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Healthcare facilities employ a variety of tools to gather, analyze, and act upon feedback from various constituent groups. These groups are Patients, Physicians, Employees, and, optionally, Visitors. Highly sophisticated tools and techniques exist to cover the Patient segment. Patient feedback systems and processes already exist with various levels of deployment, contributing a great deal of information to the management. Next in the degree of importance are Physicians, Employees, and Visitors, but these constituents are under-served compared to the Patient feedback segment.

With the current trend towards cost management and redefinition of physicians’ business association with healthcare facilities, there is now an increased focus and importance on physician feedback. In the same light, employees and their feedback are also surfacing as an important element in the effective management of a facility. Unlike Patient feedback systems, tools for Physician, Employee, and Visitor segments for feedback and analysis are under-deployed.



Staying in touch with constituents

qPortal™ is a secured WEB-based feedback system from Epilog Health LLC. The primary aim of qPortal™ is to provide facility management with a non-intrusive tool to capture and analyze critical feedback from Physicians with an option to include Employees and Visitors segments. Unlike any Patient feedback system, qPortal™ has minimal cost burden on the facility, no development cost and zero capital cost investment.

The patient feedback tools currently deployed by the facilities permit management to improve services and make gains in the patient census within highly competitive market segments. qPortal™ compliments in-place Patient feedback systems by providing similar capabilities for Physicians, Employees, and Visitors’ feedback and analysis. qPortal™ operates continuously, collecting feedback via WEB. This is critical because Physicians, Employees, and, optionally, Visitors are continuous users of the facility. To support these facility constituents qPortal™ builds an ongoing database of feedback permitting trend analysis and effective evaluation of management actions.


qPortal™ dynamically integrates with the facility’s WEB site for gathering feedback. This integration is seamless and provides a 24x7 feedback collection gateway for the key constituents – Physicians, Employees, and Visitors.


qPortal™ offers the most effective and instantaneous management reporting features. Senior and Operating management can access secured WEB and generate reports for specific time periods. qPortal™ supports a unique feature of allowing a respondent to provide narrative feedback. Such feedback is instantly forwarded to the designated facility management via secured e-mail. qPortal™ concurrently transfers the critical level identified by the respondent to the management. This allows management to become aware of the feedback and take urgent actions if warranted.

qPortal™ offers a large portfolio of common reports across all categories of respondents and specific reports within each category. Reports are dynamically generated against the opinion database maintained by qPortal™ for the facility.


Each generated report is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This permits management reports to be distributed by e-mail, printed, or incorporated into other management presentations.

The following represents a typical report on the overall opinion expressed by all respondent groups about the facility.


Picture111 (1) (2).png


  • No capital cost to the facility

  • Facility specific setup

  • Secured database

  • Dynamic assessment for management

  • Historic data retention and analysis

  • Full turnkey setup and training at no charge

  • Monthly subscription fee of $1,000 to $-0-

In comparison to focused and specific studies/surveys – the qPortal™ offers facility-specific feedback collection and analysis WEB for Physicians, Employees, and Visitors; created for the facility and by the facility.


  • Dynamic assessment

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Recruiting tool

  • Physician satisfaction

  • Physician marketing and recruiting

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Effective competitive position

  • Improved facility satisfaction

qPortal™ is an effective tool that connects facility management with core user constituencies, establishes a management listening post, and offers a proactive response mechanism to the management.

qPortal™ is the information tool designed to help you improve the position of your facility in a competitive marketplace.

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