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Epilog offers an advanced WEB-based EMR [Electronic Medical Records] system – The PortalMD™. PortalMD™ provides clinical documentation storage and archive for pre-load to the facility’s EMR.

PortalMD™ offers a highly secured WEB-based platform for managing and handling of transcribed medical records. It provides secured and authenticated user access as defined by the HIM Director of the facility.

Some of key features and functionality of the PortalMD™ are:

  • Freedom of Access to authorized user access via secured WEB

  • 24x7 availability

  • Retains agreement period report database as a supplement to the client’s EMR

  • Integrates with real-time interface with client’s EMR

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Innovative,HIPAA compliant
product solutions


PortalMD™ architecture permits secured access to patient medical records via WEB service operating on a 24x7 basis. The architecture is designed to augment facilities HIS/EHR systems in a complimentary fashion while maintaining synergistic and real-time workflow.

PortalMD™ architecture also permits mixed user base support including the facility’s floor staff, HIM/Medical Records staff, and physicians. The service coverage reduces the reliance on paper-based and manual patient records workflow within the facility and optimizes EHR deployments.



Epilog Health LLC with PortalMD™ offers innovative options for product acquisition. Some of the options available with PortalMD™ include the following:

​⦁    On-site or off-site deployment
⦁    Option to eliminate capital expenditure
⦁    Redundant backup system from our data centers
⦁    Continuous technology upgrade option

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