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Epilog offers an advanced secured, HIPAA compliant WEB based digital voice processing system – The PortalVOICE™.

PortalVOICE™ inherently removes several barriers – no voice ports needed with secured SSL WEB management and longest possible archive of voice files, not days but months and years. In addition to supporting all traditional functions, this barrier removal lowers the cost of the system.

PortalVOICE™ WEB management provides instant access to each clinician voice file received via Voice Recognition or 1-800 toll free service. The WEB service permits access to dictations by Physician/Author Name, Date of dictation, Report/Work-type and Medical Record or Patient Account Number. Access to actual audio file is simply a mouse click away.

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PortalVOICE™ architecture permits voice capture from any touch tone telephone, specialty bar coding reading touch tone telephones, hand held devices and voice recognition portals. Voice capture is properly cataloged and an immediate redundant copy is placed on transcription processor for transcriptionist WEB access. PortalVOICE™ architecture also permits clinical documentation pool of available voice access, assignment for document processing, priority document handling and others aspects.


Innovative, HIPAA compliant product solutions



Epilog with PortalVOICE™ offers innovative options for product acquisition. Some of options available with PortalVOICE™ include the following:

  • On-site or off-site deployment

  • Option to eliminate capital expenditure

  • Redundant back-up system from our data centers

  • Continuous technology upgrade option

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