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Health Information Management

Industry-Leading Next-Generation Solutions

Epilog has introduced next-generation Health Management Systems solutions based on advanced AI and secured WEB services. This portfolio delivers optimum results without the client’s investment in technology, provides service access location freedom for authorized users, and off-loads clinician self-edit and client IT resource burden. Improved performance resulting in 30% or more reduction in client spend.


Clinical Documentation Service

Epilog’s industry-leading NuSPEECH® service platform with AI offers next-generation transcription and clinical documentation service. It offers secured access to authorized clinicians from any location – Hospital, Clinic, Practice and Home. The Second Eye™ AI eliminates clinician self-edit creating high-quality reports. Secured WEB platform eliminating software seat licensing and IT management burden.

Medical Coding Service

Through iPortalCODER™ secured platform, clients can outsource and process all their coding needs, whether for hospital inpatient, outpatient or professional. Epilog offers a full range of consulting, project management, auditing and full outsource services – part of coding services. 


Revenue Cycle Services

Epilog offers a large portfolio of targeted revenue cycle services to complete CBO out-sourcing. Service solutions are tailored to specific client needs.

Product Solutions

Epilog offers a wide variety of product solutions including PortalVOICE™, PortalMD™, Mobile solutions, and Temperature/Mask detecting kiosk.

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