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Epilog internet-based clinical documentation services provide hospitals, clinics, and group practices with cost-effective, technically advanced, and flexible solutions. Our solutions effectively integrate and balance technology with client needs in delivering high-performance services.

Epilog has introduced NuSPEECH® – a next-generation AI-based solution for clinical documentation and transcription. Epilog combines its advanced HIPAA compliant, secured WEB-based platforms to deliver high accuracy, quality, speed, compliance, and completeness. These solutions meet and exceed physician satisfaction; HIM/Medical Record department needs and ensures timely revenue reimbursement for the facility.

Epilog has delivered direct cost savings of up to 45% against in-house operation or 30% other national service providers. These savings are further enhanced with our services that eliminate the need for capital equipment investment, set-up and training cost, EMR integration and interface cost, and technology upgrade cost for each of its clients. Simply purchase the services you need and there is no other hidden or ancillary cost.



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A 365-bed New York hospital is saving $7.7M in direct cost with our transcription services.


Epilog clinical documentation services offer general and specialized service features.

Service Coverage | Epilog provides 7 days a week, 24 hours per day service and support coverage to all our clients.

Turnaround Time [TAT] | Epilog NuSPEECH®   service platform cuts document delivery time to minutes rather than traditional delivery times of 4 Hrs. – 36 Hrs.  from other systems.

Quality with AI | Epilog NuSPEECH®   service platform deploys Second Eye™ AI service improving quality of the documents exceeding 99% AHDI standards. It also eliminates clinician’s self edit.

Multi-Mode Access Options | Epilog NuSPEECH®   platform offers 3 distinct choices to clinicians. Voice Narration via a PC/MAC desktop supported by advanced voice recognition and instant voice to text conversion. Template based  report creation by clinician using facility defined report templates. It also offers 1-800 telephone dictation. All three options are available to an authorized clinician. Clinicians enjoy freedom of access by being able to use any mode, 24x7 from Hospital, Clinic, Practice or home.

Systems and Security | Epilog maintains and operates multiple fail-safe, redundant data centers around the United States. Our workflow includes Anssable™ block chain mode for documents security in addition to secured VPN, DES Encryption, and SSL WEB portals.

Document Delivery | Epilog NuSPEECH®   service platforms deploy HIPAA compliant, secured SSL WEB platforms for document availability to the client based on client needs. Each WEB platform provides complete document database, secured authorized user access and upload to client’s EMR systems. Epilog internet-based WEB platform provides full integration with Meditech, Cerner, EPIC, All Script, CPSI and MedHost and other systems.


​Epilog offers one of the most innovative cost/pricing structures for outsourcing services

  • Direct cost reduction of 20% - 35% through reduced contractually capped spend

  • Second Eye™ AI, eliminating clinician self-edit

  • Multi-mode access and freedom of access for clinicians

  • Faster report delivery of reports compared to competition

  • No charge for system and technology use by the client

  • No charge for service deployment, testing, and training


Epilog service deployment entails several unique aspects. Epilog completely sets up its services in pre-production mode for client testing and operation. TEMP [pre-GO LIVE] phase permits our clients to verify each element of the service workflow before production.

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